Kráľovské údolie Residences

Type of project:



Kráľovské údolie, Bratislava - Staré mesto


Ing. arch. Juraj Polyák

Investment costs:

3,65 mil. EUR



Luxurious villas complex is one of the most remarkable properties in Bratislava. Popular residential zone is situated in location with beautiful views to the river Danube, Bratislava’s embankment or close borderland. Secured area is a long-term address of several diplomatic residents and managers of international corporations. It comprises of four buildings including four-storey apartment house equipped in highest standard. Part of the complex offering precious privacy is underground parking and beautiful gardens.

Kralovske 01
Kralovske 02
Kralovske 03
Kralovske 04
Kralovske 05
Kralovske 06
Kralovske 07