Podkolibska Residential Complex

Type of project:



Zlatá noha-Podkolibská, Bratislava – Nové mesto



Investment costs:

13,28 mil. EUR



In 2008, we successfully delivered Residential complex Zlatá noha-Podkolibská to the market. On a plot with 30% built-up area, between Tupého and Podkolibská streets, a privat area with 62 apartments, swimming pool, sauna, personal facility manager and security service rose up. It consists of three 4-floor buildings, to each building belongs underground parking garage providing totally 98 parking spaces.

Residential buildings are designed in simple geometric lines and shapes, adjusted to landscape configuration. The architects provided conditions for comfortable housing defined by apartment orientation, exterior utilization by residents or protecting of apartments from extensive shining and overheating. The project meets demanding requirements of inner-city housing and connects extraordinary views to the city with privacy of your own garden. The apratments on the first floor have special safety equipment in form of security glass, connection to the security desk or motion sensors.

Zlata noha 03
Zlata noha 06
Zlata noha 14
Zlata noha 16
Zlata noha 17
Zlata noha 18
Zlata noha 21